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Product Explorer

Data on Demand

Product Explorer is a database of 20,000+ projects that launched on Product Hunt during the past two years.

Using the Airtable view, you can easily filter each website by:

  • Upvotes
  • Keywords
  • Organic traffic, organic traffic value
  • Paid traffic, search ads budget
  • Domain rating

The dataset also includes an Opportunity Score to help determine the ratio between the domain rating and the organic traffic the project is getting. The lower the domain rating and the higher the traffic, the better the score.

Prefer using Excel? Download the data as a CSV and crunch it any way you like!

You can use this database to find opportunities like new niches to quickly compete in, or explore low-hanging fruit in your existing niches.

Find inspiration for side projects you can launch as lead magnets or new product and feature ideas.

The database is updated monthly. When you buy now you will get access to all updates for at least the next 6 months.

Product Explorer is not officially affiliated with ProductHunt in any way.

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A detailed database of projects that launched on Product Hunt. Find niche opportunities, fast!

SEO data
Each URL is enriched a organic traffic estimate, domain rating, and an Opportunity Score based on domain authority and organic traffic.
Search ads data
Find out how much each project is currently spending on Google search ads and how much traffic they're getting this way.
Launch data
See directly how many upvotes each projects earned and filter by searching for keywords in the product description.
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